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Track Approach

We aim to drive the right resources to entrepreneurs who are best positioned to grow their companies.

We recognize that issues surrounding economic inequality, social injustice, and climate change are far more complex than any one entrepreneur can tackle. The solutions of tomorrow will be created by communities of entrepreneurs working together to alter the course of economic systems. As a result, Agora has created specialized tracks within its accelerator based on specific industries or impact themes. This approach is used to both funnel resources to entrepreneurs and to tackle larger, more systemic issues that can best be addressed through a network of businesses solving multiple aspects of a problem.


Track Actors

Track Sponsor
A track sponsor provides financial resources to enable entrepreneurs to be part of the Agora Accelerator. The sponsor(s) also can bring additional support, knowledge, and connections. Some sponsors may also have investment arms and be looking to develop investable impact companies.

Agora Consultant
An Agora Consultant works closely with the entrepreneurs to complete Agora’s extensive training modules aimed at preparing the company for investment. These professionals deliver more than 130 hours of consulting over five months and 14 carefully designed modules that culminate in the completion of three deliverables: an executive summary, full financials, and either an investor memo or pitch deck.

Agora Accelerator Staff
Professional staff from the Agora Accelerator based in Mexico City, Mexico; Managua, Nicaragua; and Washington, DC work to support the on-the-ground consultant. Key tasks include coordinating cross-track sessions and connections, facilitating webinar series, community engagement, and attendance at the Entrepreneur Retreat and investor events.

Agora Investor Network
Agora’s investor network is comprised of 140 organizations and individuals interested in investing in companies creating measurable impact. Once Agora determines a track theme, we reference our investor network to make sure it is compatible and holds sufficient investment potential. If not, we build relationships with new investors in parallel to recruiting entrepreneurs in order to make sure all parties are receiving optimal value.

Expert Partners
Whether it be an association, a university, or an institution, each track has expert partners that provide advice, connections, and technical knowledge when needed. Our efforts often begin by working to understand the context of a given challenge within its larger system. We partner with expert institutions that have identified the levers and channels within these systems that present the best opportunities for change. Entrepreneurs working to make the world better are key levers to unlock change within larger economic, environmental, and social systems.

Track Mentor Board
A select group of mentors, local and global, who will work to help the track as a whole to succeed. These mentors are specifically chosen by Agora with support from track partners after the selection of the companies, in order to provide the best possible match. These boards are comprised of business leaders, industry professionals, and government officials who hold the practical connections and knowledge necessary to advance the cause of both the individual entrepreneurs and the track at large.

Connecting the Community

As a member of such networks as Ashoka, the World Economic Forum, ANDE, and CALI (among others), Agora has built a dynamic community of global change-makers using for-profit business models to tackle our shared challenges. Agora harnesses these networks to the benefit of the Accelerator Entrepreneurs.

Beyond this broader orbit of connections, Agora works intentionally to build a community of entrepreneurs. We do this through facilitating an annual Entrepreneur Retreat in Nicaragua to launch every Accelerator.

Agora also engages its entrepreneurs in peer-to-peer mentoring exercises, group consulting sessions, and provides opportunities to share stories from the field and lessons learned to further strengthen the community.


As we build and implement this new strategy, we need your help! Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a track, have an idea for a track theme, or are a track actor interested in being a part of the track.

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