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Great small businesses make the world better in many ways.

They build products and services for the poor (low income houses, access to health care), create and sustain jobs (jobs that allow children to go to school &and get proper nutrition), and become role models, inspiring others to innovate (wow, if she did it, maybe I can too?).

There’s something else they do, which is especially relevant in regions with weak institutions where democracy and due process under the law are under attack: they help strengthen democratic capitalism, the best political system to promote sustainable growth, protect human rights, and ensure long term stability.

In areas of extreme poverty, the key social impact of business is job creation. Most people in the world want a stable job that gives them an honest wage and treats them with dignity and respect. If we had more jobs in the world, we would eliminate many of our social problems. The problem is that jobs are very hard to create, as we know too well. Historically the number one job creators in the world are… small businesses.