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Environmental Impact

Business sustainability today means not only the ability to make profits but the ability to do so in ways that protect and preserve our environment.

Growth is straining our planet’s resources as never before, and we won’t be able to solve the problem unless we build a culture, from the ground up, of environmental stewardship among all businesses – big and small – developed world, developing world.

Fortunately, a movement of citizens is stepping up to try to balance the needs of our generation with that of future generations. They realize we are all in this together, and every act we do, no matter how small, makes a difference. Impact entrepreneurs take this long term approach.

They look to see what they can do, with their limited resources, to forge a path for how business can lower their carbon footprint, limit waste, and help protect the environment. One of our key goals is to help entrepreneurs value the environment and give them specific actions to lower their environmental impact, no matter how big or small they are.