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Leadership is built on character and the courage to be a pioneer.

LeadershipWe all know how important leaders are when it comes to creating change, but there is surprisingly little attention paid to fostering new and stronger leaders as a development strategy. Leadership in business is about more than inspiring people – at its best, it’s about having the courage to recognize business’s potential to address social problems, and then structuring operations to create real impact alongside profits that can sustain the vision.

Leadership roles in the new impact economy should go – will go – to those who can best innovate and best design business processes that create shared value.

We look to work with future entrepreneurial leaders who demonstrate both business and moral leadership. We screen for leadership potential in the selection processes for our programs, and we provide coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs to help them become better leaders.

Our goal is that every Agora entrepreneur become a thought leader and an example for the very idea of impact entrepreneurship, and that their success demonstrate that sustainability, social impact, and profits go hand in hand. Leadership by the small business entrepreneurial class can change the very way people think about the role of business, and such change will usher in a more sustainable and equal capitalist society.

Agora created the LiderES prize to showcase exceptional entrepreneurs from across Nicaragua who are using business effectively and profitably to create social change.