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Potential is nothing without the ability to execute.

Entrepreneurship, especially in the developing world, is less about technological breakthroughs than relentless attention to detail, stubborn persistence, and a simple unwillingness to fail. It’s about drive, strategy, and above all else, execution. We look to find the ones whose actions speak louder than words. We have too many talking heads in the world; we need more doers, more people who can turn a plan into action to make the world better .

Early-stage entrepreneurship: often a race against time. Execution needs to happen quickly to inspire customer loyalty and attract more capital to grow.

Agora looks for entrepreneurs who have proven that they can get things done. We love visionary plans and inspiring dreams, but human potential can’t be realized without execution, and so we look carefully at the entrepreneur’s history. Through our selection process, we look for indicators that the entrepreneur is a good executor – that they can get things done when it counts.

To help entrepreneurs execute, Agora gives them business frameworks, mentors, a community of support, help thinking about their human capital needs, and access to best practices around social media, sustainability, and key performance indicators (KPIs).