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Human capital is the knowledge, skills and understanding people use to make the day-to-day decisions that lead to success.

Human capital is the single biggest indicator of success, which is why we focus – in all of our programs – on finding the highest potential entrepreneurs and helping them become better leaders and build better teams.

At the heart of every business is its people, and the heart and soul of Agora is people – not systems, processes, projects or papers, but people – people who happen to run businesses that are creating change.

The odds are stacked against the entrepreneurs – we try to even them. The best entrepreneurs are consistently striving to learn more, correcting their mistakes quickly, learning what they are good and not good at, and fortifying their team’s weaknesses with the best talent. Finding great talent is an enormous challenge in poor countries where the workforce has not had the opportunity to get an advanced education. Even finding the right professional talent can be difficult – lawyers, accountants, bankers, mentors, entrepreneur peers, (affordable) strategy consultants – these are all key players in the early stage entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are creating an alternative to the country club – an agora where people can connect and partner together.

Our goal is to broaden the knowledge, perspective, and community of Agora Entrepreneurs – and connect with the best human capital in the region and the world.