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Financial capital is the fuel that helps small business grow.

Financial capital – particularly growth and angel capital – is the engine that allows great small companies to become great big companies, but too many small companies just can’t access it. A new generation of “impact” investors are stepping up to invest capital in businesses that create measurable social impact. “Impact capital” ranges from very low interest loans to market rates of return – anything that is an investment and not a grant.

Angel investors are the pioneers of the investment ecosystem. They boldly go where most investors fear to tread.

Angel capital comes from angel investors, so called because they are the first to invest in an untested, risky idea with a likely high failure rate.

In any society, angel investors are the pioneers and explorers of the investment ecosystem. They boldly go where most investors fear to tread. In the developing world, they also have the greatest leverage and thus the greatest impact, creating more change per dollar invested than any other source of investment capital.

The very best kind of capital, all else being equal, is strategic capital – investment that comes with support and connections. And the very best kind of angel investor is a strategic angel investor who shares the entrepreneur’s mission and goals.

We work to connect strategic angel investors and growth investors with the best opportunities to create impact. This means understanding and being able to communicate both how a company can put capital to work to grow profitably and how it creates and measures social impact. Did we say this work was easy?