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Human Potential + Capital = Impact

Oscarito’s founder Aída Mayorga

Culture and ecosystem development are key to long-term change. So we try to carve out our own circle of positive, optimistic culture — our own social capital – and then aggressively defend it against status quo forces. We hope to build long term relationships with entrepreneurs and, through their success, build a powerful, self re-enforcing community that can drive a more sustainable and equitable capitalism for the 21st century.

We find and support entrepreneurs who represent society’s greatest chance to convert opportunity into economic and social impact.

We use technology, social and professional networks, and market signaling to connect entrepreneurs with the social, human, and financial capital they need to create a more sustainable world. We believe in collaboration and transparency and that belief is reflected in everything we have done since we started.

This view of development is based on a very simple, yet powerful equation that has guided us through the years.