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What is Agora Partnerships?

Agora Partnerships is a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and individuals dedicated to using the power of business to effect positive change in their communities. We work only with early-stage entrepreneurs where the right kind of support can significantly accelerate their ability to create impact. Our aim is to help build a more just, sustainable world primarily though our Impact Accelerator program.

The Impact Accelerator program identifies and then connects these promising impact entrepreneurs with the knowledge (human capital), networks (social capital), and financial capital they need to attract capital and grow. The Agora Accelerator has four modules that are tailored to an entrepreneur’s company stage and needs: Entrepreneur Retreat; Business Model Consulting; Investor Conference; and Deal Closing. By enabling the growth of participating companies, we magnify the impact they create.

The Problem

SGBs in emerging markets urgently need human, social, and financial capital.  They lack the talent to grow and sustain their businesses; a supportive culture that celebrates and nurtures entrepreneurs; and ready access to financial capital.

Although the last several years have seen rapid growth in the global impact investing infrastructure, investors still struggle to find deal flow.  Investors must overcome high transaction costs, small deal size, challenging exits, few co-investment opportunities, and lack of information about opportunities. As a result,  the size of the underserved SGB market is considerable.

The Solution

Our 6-month Accelerator program connects participating entrepreneurs with the knowledge, networks, and financial capital they need to grow.  Through four tailored modules, the program provides: leadership development, strategy consulting, and investor readiness preparation (human capital); matchmaking, mentorship, and deal closing support (social capital); and financial support.  We deliver our services through one-on-one consulting, webinars, and conferences.