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Thriive2014 LogoAgora partners with Thriive Capital to offer financial services to marginalized populations in Nicaragua. Thriive is a nonprofit organization that makes interest-free loans to socially responsible small businesses in the “missing middle” — too large for microfinance and too small for investment. Thriive businesses pay their equipment forward to their communities through the donation of products, services, and vocational training. Additional information can be found on the Thriive website.

Our Goals

The goals of the Thriive program are the following:

Our proven model


Thriive makes loans that are strictly allocated toward the purchase of machinery and equipment. Recipient businesses do not repay Thriive loans with cash. Instead, they donate an equivalent value of in-kind products, services, and vocational training to low income individuals in their communities.The average loan disbursed is slightly less than $10,000, but the effect of the loan is enormous: on average, our entrepreneurs grow 35% , create 6 new jobs per business and reach over 700 people in need with charitable business donations. Thriive enlists field partners to disburse and monitor the loans.

Additionally, Thriive Nicaragua works with local and international universities to provide limited business consulting services. Current countries where Thriive operates include Vietnam, Palestine, Kenya, and Nicaragua.

Since the partnership’s inception in 2010, Agora has helped 35 companies obtain financing. This year our expanded program is expecting to recruit up to 25 companies.


For more information on Thriive and how to apply please contact Marcela ( or Vanessa (


A Sus Pies (2012)

After receiving five new machines for shoe production, and a computer and a camera for online sales and marketing, Sai, owner of A Sus Pies, jumped right into her charitable repayment. She is partnering with a local community based organization (CBO) that focuses on vocational training for homeless teenagers and abused women on everything from sewing to cooking. Before Thriive, Sai did not feel safe  doing charity work in this poor neighborhood, but now she has built a relationship with her students and thinks that this bond will help her add long term value to this community. Sai is currently training nine young adults in the craft of sewing with the main goal of employing some of them at A Sus Pies.

Thriive’s support has been very valuable for A Sus Pies. Before receiving the equipment, Sai made all of their shoes by hand. As a result of the machines, quality control has improved significantly and their product line has expanded to include bags. With an increase in production capacity, Sai doubled the retailers she services and hired two new employees to keep up with the increased demand.

Details (2011)

Thriive helped Details improve their production process and create a new product line. They have increased their client based because they are now able to screen-print customized logos onto their bags. They now sell bags in bulk to 17 supermarkets (up from 7) and to 20 new minimarkets. Details increased sales by 20% and created 3 new jobs –one in production and two in sales.

To repay their loan, Details trains women and young adults in craft making skills. They partnered with the manager of Hogar Zacarias Guerra, a local community based organization that executes programs and initiatives to help abused and orphaned children. Hogar Zacarias Guerra provides supplies and recruits trainees and Mayra, the owner of Details, hosts the workshops. Mayra is currently training eighteen children, along with their mothers.


Francella Muñoz, owner of Serviplus, is a woman with a big heart, and a strong drive for running her business. She recently started her repayment which entails providing regular maintenance supplies and services for a school in her community. Before Serviplus offered its products and services, the school didn’t even own a broom, let alone any proper cleaning materials. Now the school receives cleaning supplies and services from Serviplus every month. Francella is also training fifteen high school students as part of her repayment. She hopes to provide them with jobs when their training is complete. She has already hired five new full time employees from the low income neighborhood surrounding the school, bringing her workforce to sixty employees after starting the business in 2009 with only four!

The new equipment increased the quantity and size of the contracts she was able to obtain for her business because they can now offer carpet cleaning and landscaping services. Gross income also rose by 30%. Francella made sure to tell us about the bond she built with the school and the students. “In my heart…when I see all that these beautiful children are missing in their lives, I know I must help. I am deeply connected to this school.” Francella also plans to paint the school and to incorporate other ideas for improving the facilities.

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