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Impact Investing is the process of making investments that generate social and environmental value as well as financial return.

Products displayed from our Class of ’11 company Kiej de los Bosques.

Impact Investing is part of a growing movement that believes business has an integral, indispensible, and too often neglected role in solving the common problems we all face. Around the world, people have become frustrated and disillusioned with the status quo. Business leaders and consumers alike expect more from companies, the market, and themselves. They recognize the innate power of business and wish to harness that power to grow enterprises that fight humanity’s most intractable problems.

 There is a movement building – one comprising of individuals who are using the power and efficiency of business as a tool to generate real, sustainable change.  We call them “impact entrepreneurs.”

Impact investing is maturing rapidly, but we are still in the very early stages of what could be a transformational paradigm shift in the way people view business and investment. A report by Monitor Consulting predicted that in 5-10 years, impact investing could grow to represent about one percent of estimated current assets under management, over $500 billion. JP Morgan has estimated it could grow in the same period to $1trillion. However, of this number, only a tiny fraction, on our currently trajectory, is expected to go to early-stage companies – young companies heavy on passion, talent, and good ideas, and light on cash and connections. This is the group of entrepreneurs Agora serves.

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