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Small-Business Mentoring Program

From left to right, the Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility Citi Bank, Enrique Gasteazoro, and the Agora Partnerships’s Marketing Manager, Sara Lila Cordero

In 2009, we entered into a partnership with Citi Foundation in Nicaragua to organize an event called Citi LiderES (“leaders”), where we recognized business leaders and model entrepreneurs in the region. Building on the success of that event, two years later we partnered with Citi once again to develop a mentoring program where volunteers from Citi Bank offered to support small businesses in Nicaragua.

In May 2012, the Citi Mentor Program officially launched with 25 bank executives volunteering their time and expertise to support 25 small businesses in Nicaragua. The program, which is currently in progress, will extend through the remainder of 2012, provides targeted guidance and mentoring to the firms selected into the program.

Media Coverage for Citi Mentoring Program