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The Disruptive Awards

The Disruptive Awards

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At our 2012 Impact Investing in Action! Investor Conference, we held our first annual Disruptive Awards ceremony to honor those who are challenging the status quo and using their businesses to address pressing issues in their communities. Below is a list of our 2012 winners:

Building the Field 

Joanna Herrmann, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Ian T. Fisk, The William James Foundation

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Richard Ambrose and Mark Jacobson, Pomona Impact

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation


Ben Sandzer-Bell, CO2 Bambu

 Product Innovation

Chris and Will Haughey, Tegu


Kiej de los Bosques

 With Gratitude and Appreciation

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta


Village Capital