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Thinking Outside the Box in Latin America

“There has never been an example of an economy that has suffered as a result of giving women access to capital, knowledge, networks, and entrepreneurial tools. The only places where women don’t add as much to the economy as men … Continue reading

Successful Impact Investment in Nicaragua

Aida Patricia is the founder of Oscaritos, a textile business that she started in Nicaragua in 1996 with only 100 dollars from a microfinance loan. In November 2013, Aida completed the repayment of a debt investment from Pomona Impact, an … Continue reading

Retreat 2014: Accelerating the Shift Toward a New Economy

John Kohler, Co-Founder of Toniic and leader in the field of impact investing, stated it bluntly: “I’d rather fund a medium business plan with excellent people, rather than a great plan with medium people.” When it comes to entrepreneurship, particularly … Continue reading

Ricardo Terán: 8 Years of Passion for a Purpose

Dear Friends, As some of you know, over the last few months I have been transitioning out of my day to day role with Agora Partnerships, an organization I had the privilege of co-founding and managing next to my friend … Continue reading

Reflections on Agora’s 2013 Entrepreneur Retreat

It’s been about 2 weeks week since I returned from Agora’s Entrepreneur Retreat in Nicaragua, and I am still processing the experience.  During a week of many powerful moments and intimate conversations, a few stand out. They stand out for … Continue reading