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Picture 1“Through Agora’s consulting services we expanded and enlightened the vision for our organization and our products, and researched new opportunities…and now we feel much more comfortable with the decisions that we make as a social business.

Another benefit was that we were able to expand our network because Agora exposed us to new types of organizations and investors that were interested in our project. We met organizations that aren’t only seeking to make financial return, but that are trying to make an impact. To be honest, we initially had doubts about whether the Accelerator would add value to our business, but after completing the program we were more than satisfied with the results”

- Melvin Somarriba, CAC Trading – Class of ’13


“Today I feel much more comfortable with the objectives of my business, its future 190058_1005013728662_9866_apotential, and its weaknesses thanks to Agora. The Accelerator provided a very rich experience both at a personal level, and for my business and its future.”

- Sylvia Chebi, Greentizen - Class of ’13


“Agora gives you the vision that so easily gets lost in the shuffle because you are just trying to get through the day-to-day of your business. Agora gives you the tools you need to see what’s coming and how to make the best of every opportunity. They gave us a lot of feedback – hard, honest feedback – about what was good about our company and what was not. This is knowledge that helps you ultimately learn and grow.”- Tania Devoto, Grande Centroamerica - Class of ’12


“It’s an honor to work with these entrepreneurs because we build a relationship based IMG_3815on trust and transparency. As portfolio managers we provide support with our business skill set, but our entrepreneurs are the true experts when it comes to doing business, and they make sure to share this expertise with us. The most valuable part of the consulting engagement is the trust that the entrepreneurs invest in us to help them further develop their businesses.”

- Antoine Cocle, Agora Partnerships


margot“Agora has identified and applied a unique strategy that focuses on innovative solutions to challenges relating to economic development, climate change, and other issues in this sector. I think that this type of organization can help create a better society, and potentially change the world.”

- Margot Brandenburg