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Carlos Dominguez Vidaurre has a passion for business. In the early 1980s, Carlos studied biochemical engineering, food technology, and business administration before launching Patronic in 1992, a successful company that produces ingredients for clients who have meat processing shops. While business has been booming for the El Salvadorian entrepreneur, he realized that he could use his company to address some of the mounting social issues plaguing his country.


Downtown view of San Salvador, El Salvador


El Salvador faces many challenges including: poverty, unemployment, and crime. “I could see that there were high levels of delinquency in El Salvador and there were many criminals, especially among our youth,” Carlos states. “In fact, some businesses had to shut down because of the crime.”  To address these challenges, Carlos chose to invest in individuals. His missions is to transform potential entrepreneurs in to successful small business owners.

Business Model

Training local women how to make sausage

In 1997, Carlos launched his signature brand, “Sabor Amigo,” which primarily services small businesses throughout San Salvador in addition to small-and-medium-sized restaurants.  More specifically, Patronic produces batters, breading packets, seasoning packets, sauces, spices, textured soy packets, and condiments for sale to clients. To address issues surrounding at-risk youth in El Salvador, Carlos founded a technical school in 1998 to train youths and adults alike who aspired to start businesses. The school soon became a reality and has recently been described as a “hotbed of entrepreneurship” in El Salvador.


Carlos and his team work directly with clients according to their needs, and his company’s motivation to serve clients flows from their ideas. Carlos notes,”We provide equipment, assistance, and training for them to start their own businesses.” “We plan on launching 6-8 projects this year,” he mentioned, speaking about 2012. He believes that supporting individuals in providing for themselves and their families a major contribution to society.  Finally, Sabor Amigo has partnered with several NGOs including Technoserve and Catholic Relief Services.


“We are preparing our production plants so that they can compete with global companies and continue to expand,” Carlos concludes. “As our company grows, we will be able to teach more and more entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses. That is very important to us.”