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Electronic waste is a significant ecological problem, one whose shadow over our ecosystem will grow only more expansive in coming years. It’s estimated that anywhere from 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste are generated each year. Vinicio Sosa recognizes the business opportunity inherent in this environmental challenge. He founded Recelca to salvage, process, and recycle electronic waste in Guatemala and the Central American region, and his growth trajectory is promising (the estimated market value for residual electronics in Guatemala alone is $120 million by 2015). Acknowledging the more developed markets in the US and Europe, Sosa is determined to ensure that Central America won’t be victimized by an inattention to this waste, turning his efforts first toward corporate entities and soon to household customers. Indeed, Recelca exists at an interesting development inflection point — as economically depressed regions gain increasing access to technology and electronics, the effects should be positive, certainly. But the accompanying environmental issues necessitate that visionaries like Sosa are actively building businesses to accommodate future need.


What They Do: 

Provide industry and market viable alternatives for the management, recycling, and destruction of electronic waste. Recelca is committed to doing so in a safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible way. The firm seeks to maximize the value of each piece of equipment, turning the waste into reusable products to prevent it from reaching landfills.


Why They Do It:

Electronic waste has become a significant and growing problem throughout the world — with the population generating more than 50 millions tons of e-waste annually. Addressing this issue is not only an environmental imperative, it makes real business sense; electronic waste management represents a $250 billion market, one which continues to grow (especially in the developing world where the pace is 15% year-over-year growth).


How They Make an Impact:

As explained, thoughtful solutions for disposing of electronic devices will only become increasingly vital for the preservation of the planet. To measure Recelca’s specific impact, the firm tracks:

  • Processed waste (metric tons)
  • Water saved (tons)


Where They’re Heading:

Recelca hopes to expand to nearby markets (Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador) and develop more strategic alliances. While their focus has been on commercial clients to date, they intend to adapt their solutions to also address household e-waste.