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At Agora, we get excited about experimentation and innovation. David García’s drive is exactly what we like to see. Convinced there are more efficient, and therefore cheaper, ways to generate organic pesticide solutions, he’s been working with marigold, chrysanthemum, and other natural plant extracts to do just that. The key to Plantech’s success is that the team uses specialized technology to extract ten to twelve times more compounds than traditional organic methods. The effort to put organic alternatives into the market has both health and environmental imperatives. Cost-effective, organic options will improve the quality of the region’s crops, while improving the health of those who work the fields and those who consume the fields’ produce.


What They Do:

Produce organic alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides. The firm’s products allow farmers to protect their crops in an affordable, dependable, and effective way while minimizing their exposure to hazardous substances.

Why They Do It:

Plantech is committed to developing a new generation of organic solutions to solve pathological afflictions in the agricultural industry. The reduced costs of their innovative production are passed along to farmers at prices equivalent to chemical pesticides and far lower than those of other organic solutions. This makes growers more competitive in international markets because they pay synthetic agrochemical prices to treat their crops organically. Farmers are able to cultivate their crops with no negative environmental or human effects and often sell their produce at higher organic prices.


How They Make an Impact:

Providing alternatives to chemical pesticides has inherent social value (for the environment and individuals’ health). To measure the firm’s impact specifically, Plantech tracks:

  • Hectares of crops treated with our organic pesticides
  • Jobs generated


Where They’re Heading:

Plantech needs growth capital to realize the increasing demand for organic agroproducts in Costa Rica and elsewhere. García and team hope to develop not only additional pesticide products, but also fungicides, insecticides, antibiotics, and pharmaceuticals.