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There’s nothing quite like a great cup of coffee, except, of course, a great cup of coffee that you know supports an enterprise encouraging sustainable agriculture, creating a market for smallholder producers, and generating interest in ecotourism for Nicaragua. Café Las Flores is the type of business we want people to know about. It offers an incredible product, and its management maintains the conscientiousness to structure business growth plans with explicit concern for the environment around them. Eco-friendly businesses like Café Las Flores are what the region needs.


What They Do:

Operate coffee shops that feature specialty varieties from the fertile slopes of the Mombacho volcano in Granada, Nicaragua. For generations, the Café Las Flores family has skillfully and responsibly cultivated the land, establishing a tradition that brings pride to the local community. The firm has diversified its revenue stream by providing unique tourist opportunities and 100% Nicaraguan-made souvenirs.


Why They Do It:

Café Las Flores has a sincere desire to share the best of Nicaragua with the world. The quality of the region’s coffee beans leads to an incredibly attractive product, one for which there is substantial demand. The firm is committed to sustainable agricultural practices, as reflected in its Rainforest Alliance certification and uniRSE membership. The tourist experiences offered at the El Hacienda estate focus on the beauty of the area’s resources and the important role responsible farming plays in preserving them.


How They Make an Impact:

Café Las Flores relies on the sustainability of the local environment for ongoing access to high-quality coffee beans. Their operations are conducted accordingly; Café Las Flores closely monitors core environmental metrics, while also looking for ways to contribute to the local community. Specifically, they track:

  • Total carbon footprint
  • KW/hour produced by renewable energy (waste to gas)
  • Beneficiaries in the community of CSR program


Where They’re Heading:

Café Las Flores is pursuing international distribution and e-commerce opportunities. They are also looking to grow ecotourism revenues through alliances with other tourism businesses and increased souvenir sales.