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Accelerator Events

Entrepreneur Retreat

The annual Entrepreneur Retreat is designed to expose and train Agora Entrepreneurs with the best, most effective business practices and leadership techniques. Held in Nicaragua, the retreat prepares the entrepreneurs for the upcoming Impact Investor Conference later in the year. More importantly, this is a unique opportunity to bring together, inspire, and build trust among members of the Agora entrepreneur community in a positive, relaxed, and productive atmosphere.

Impact Investor Conference

Conferencia-de-inversion-600x400The Impact Investor Conference is designed with a few goals in mind. Functionally, the intent of the conference is to drive deals in the direction of the entrepreneurs. This is the chance for entrepreneurs to present their pitches to investors and for investors to become engaged with the entrepreneurs. More broadly, it’s meant to foster the development of the greater impact investment community. This exclusive gathering both connects and inspires those looking to advance the growing mission of impact investing. The first investor conference was held in Granada, Nicaragua and attracted 12 impact investors in total. The second conference, entitled Impact Investing in Action, convened 40 investors at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013, Impact Investing in Action came to Georgetown University along with 62 investors and 200 attendees.

Investor Conference 2012: Impact Investing in Action