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GPSGAY improves the lives of Latin American LGBT communities

“Before Agora, we knew that we were causing impact but had no idea how to track it. The Accelerator taught us how to measure and explain the impact we were having on the LGBTQ community.”

Magdalena Rodríguez believes in the power of social inclusion to change the lives of the LGBTQ community.  With a background in web design, Magdalena launched her career in the tech world, founding a web design and development company in Uruguay with her wife in 2006. Growing increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of change she was making in a tech agency, Magdalena began to search for new ideas of social impact. She wanted to add value to the LGBTQ community she was a part of, and make a difference to the individuals who were still frequently excluded from society.

Upon reviewing the many applications and platforms already available to the LGBTQ community, Magdalena realized that there was something missing. Many were focused solely on finding a sexual partner, and those that did provide valuable information and consulting services to individuals did not take advantage of the community’s potential as a unique market. Thus was born the idea for GPSGAY.

As the largest and most comprehensive platform for the LGBTQ community in Latin America, GPSGAY is simultaneously a safe space where individuals can solicit advice, support, and consulting services, a medium through which companies and organizations can engage with the community, a source for relevant content including upcoming events, news, and health information, and a marketplace for products including healthcare, travel, and entertainment.

Looking for impact investors who would help take GPSGAY to the next level, Magdalena applied to Agora’s Accelerator and was accepted to its 2016 Class. The retreat and months of consulting that followed brought invaluable benefits. Magdalena and her team learned to better measure the impact they were creating, developed a stronger business plan that catered to addressing the health and self-esteem of individuals users, and connected with impact investors in a market less familiar with LGBTQ startups.

Following the Accelerator, Magdalena has secured $300,000 from a Swiss investor, strengthened GPSGAY’s internal system to better organize its sales, and made the decision to set up offices in the U.S. With plans to further expand the networks of support and information and strengthen self-esteem, GPSGAY is poised to continue its rapid expansion.

With GPSGAY, Magdalena hopes for nothing more than to make the world a little bit brighter for the LGBTQ community. She hopes that participation in this platform can make her users happier and more confident, and shares that the grateful messages they receive from the community are her greatest source of motivation and inspiration.

GPSGAY is run on its founders’ honesty, accountability, and respect, and it is changing the world, one user at a time.

Learn more about GPSGAY at gpsgay.com.


Agora Entrepreneur: Kiej de los Bosques in Guatemala

Image: Kiej de los BosquesAgora entrepreneur Kiej de los Bosques is a social company established in 2004 with the objective of generating income for artisans – 90% women –  who although they have great abilities, are disconnected from markets, and are not able to live up to their potential. Founder María Pacheco says:

“We think poverty is a circle that starts with an unequal distribution of income generating opportunities between the rural and urban areas of underdeveloped countries. This leads to weak rural economies, where education is not a possibility. Lack of education has great incidence in high birth rates and low income, and these two circumstances combined will become low-income homes where food is not enough and education will once again, be beyond the possibilities of the next generation, thus perpetuating what we call, the ‘No Change Circle’.”

Pacheco’s experience working with rural communities since 1993 working with small groups of farmers and artisans in Sacalá Las Lomas in the Guatemalan highlands and Jocotán in the Guatemalan Dry Corridor indicates that this “No Change Circle” can be changed — if at least one of the variables is addressed. In both cases, the main objective of Kiej de los Bosques’s intervention was to increase the income of the beneficiaries – and it was like igniting development!

The income generated by this two productive chains – Wood in Sacalá and Natural fibers in Jocotán – have both impacted directly in the nutritional and educational indicators of the artisans’ children, and have also empowered the producers, formed new businesses and created a bankable saving capacity in the communities.

To create revenues, Pacheco decided to put the artisans’ products on the market under a new brand.

“When we saw how this circle changed dramatically in the communities we were working with, and we measured the role markets have had in the generation of prosperity in these rural initiatives, we decided to create an umbrella brand to consolidate the productions of several artisans’ groups and add value to the handicrafts that are traditionally made in Guatemala and in 2006, Wakami was born!”

For more information on Kiej de los Bosques and other Agora entrepreneurs, come join us at our Impact Investor Conference in Nicaragua.

Agora Entrepreneur: Oscarito’s

“We are always inspired because we love what we do, but we are also motivated by our ability to provide jobs in a country where there are so few employment opportunities. We are committed to moving forward in spite of the difficulties we face.”

Aida Patricia Mayorga of Oscarito’s is dedicated to the principles behind Agora’s mission: using business for social good. Oscarito’s designs and produces clothing and uniforms for children and infants as well as embroidering services for corporate promotional materials. Ten years after starting with a $100 microloan, Oscarito’s has more than 45 employees and international clients. What’s more amazing is the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Oscarito’s production processes have been certified by ISO 14001.

Aida explains more about the company and their impact entrepreneurship drive in the video below:

For more information on Oscarito’s and Agora’s other entrepreneurs, visit our website.