Agora DCIMPACT League Forms, Holds First Event

Agora DCIMPACT League members, left to right, Ann Winstead-Derlega, Katie Riedel, P.K. Tran, Julia Patton, Nadia Marquez, and Arlene Alvarez pose with Agora CEO Ben Powell.

The DCIMPACT League joins Agora Partnerships in its goal to raise $10,000 within the next year to support, empower, and unite impact entrepreneurs throughout Latin America. Agora is leading the charge to find real solutions to real problems in Latin America. We are joining their mission to accelerate the growth of early-stage impact entrepreneurs in the region.

When I first met Agora Partnerships’ co-founder and CEO, Ben Powell, he explained to me the Greek origin of “Agora;” a marketplace for exchanging goods, ideas, and great conversation. He outlined the need for human potential alongside access to capital to address the world’s most pressing socioeconomic and environmental issues. I was immediately enthralled.

As a Latina, I find unique meaning in the term “agora.” In addition to its Greek etymology, I cannot help but be reminded the word’s Portuguese meaning – now. It evokes a sense of urgency, an imperativeness that is so needed in today’s change makers.

The mission of DCIMPACT is to support and engage local thought leaders and young professionals with the growing global need for impact. Hosting events around the District, we can begin to bring light to the world’s most pressing socioeconomic needs addressed by Agora Partnerships and engage our network with needed solutions.

I am joined by a group of stellar board members and supporters throughout DC. We unite in our shared vision for equity, access, and solutions to the gross socioeconomic disparity experienced by individuals not just in Latin America, but around the world.   Each of us brings a unique excitement to DCIMPACT, Agora Partnerships, and  Agora’s impact entrepreneurs from Mexico to Chile as they are facing and solving some of the region’s most intractable challenges.

We held our kick off event on August 23 in DC, a cocktail party that featured a short film on Agora Class of ’11 company CO2 Bambu, a silent auction, and plenty of Latin food!

To learn more about the DCIMPACT League, our mission to raise $10,000, and how you can get involved, email us at

Un saludo cordial,

Nadia Marquez
President, DCIMPACT

2 thoughts on “Agora DCIMPACT League Forms, Holds First Event”

  1. Nadia,
    This is such a great initiative! I worked for Agora in Nicaragua when the Accelerator program was just starting and i’m so happy to know they’ve gotten your support as a young leader and latina professional to help raise awareness for Agora’s Mission and its entrepreneurs.
    I’d have just found out the FB page and I hope to stay informed through it on the events you guys are planning.

    From my family and work connections in DC, I’d be happy to become part of your email list and see what are your planned future events to forward the invite to my network and make them come and really see why it’s important!

    Looking forward to staying in touch,


    Lissette Cuadra

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