Agora’s Website Gets a Facelift

Friends of Agora,

It’s my pleasure to announce the refresh of our website. Like all re-designs, ours is intended to better communicate what we do and why we think it’s important.

We’ve redesigned the Who We Are section to more clearly articulate our mission, which is supporting early-stage impact entrepreneurs throughout Latin America. We’ve also added a new section that explains our core program – the Impact Accelerator. Everything you need to know about how we actually work to help early-stage companies succeed is here, including how to apply to become a member of our 2013 class – please pass it on!

We’ve also included a section entitled Ecosystem Development where you can see our current and past initiatives within the impact investing space to build the field. At the end of the day, the real change we seek is system wide – helping to transform how good entrepreneurs get funded and supported.

Lastly, we also added another new section called Our Community. We wanted to highlight the central importance of community in our work – the committed investors, mentors, supporters, and volunteers from all walks of life who help us to identify and add value to high-potential firms throughout Latin America. Here, we invite you to join us and meet others who are working to support early-stage impact entrepreneurs.

We hope our new website gives a clearer picture of our work and the change we seek in the world. We have also launched the website in Spanish, and are diligently working to spread the ideals of impact entrepreneurship and shared responsibility in the Spanish language markets we serve.

We hope that you enjoy the refresh!

Warm Regards,


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