Agora Partnerships

How our work creates change

We envision a world where entrepreneurs incorporate positive social and environmental impact into the core design of their businesses; where purpose-driven entrepreneurs have access to the infrastructure, resources, and networks they need to succeed; where investors and customers actively seek out those businesses that create maximum impact for society; where it is easy to invest in and support market-based solutions to our pressing social challenges.

Shifting capitalism

Entrepreneurial capitalism has unleashed innovation that has increased productivity and created products and services that drastically improve the quality of life. Even as technological change accelerates, the huge benefits of capitalism have been tempered by some of its weaknesses – a tendency to define success narrowly, to focus on short-term gains, and the perpetuation of various social and environmental externalities. Across the world there is a growing sense that it is time to evolve capitalism to make it a more effective tool for addressing issues such as climate change, poverty, access to healthcare, and education.

Thousands of entrepreneurs across the Americas and the world agree. They need to be supported. By supporting them and making it easier for customers, investors, and advisors to partner with them, we aim to build a values-based community of change-makers and accelerate capitalism’s shift.

Community Values

Our community values reflect what we believe to be core attributes and qualities for entrepreneurs working to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable and successful world. These are the values we have seen repeatedly turn good ideas into thriving organizations solving critical social problems. Entrepreneurs who exhibit these traits and lock them into their company’s culture are at a significant advantage over those who don’t.

Promoting these core values and mindsets throughout our entrepreneurial community, across all our programs, and within our team is among our most important goals.


We believe that we can actively influence our destiny and our community. We boldly act on that belief and help others to act as well.


We are grateful for our interconnection and our shared humanity. When we take into account the feelings and perspectives of others, we achieve better results.


We desire to understand our world and ourselves more fully in order to grow and to be useful to society. We challenge the status quo, constantly seeking to improve it through creativity and innovation.


We don’t give up, no matter what people tell us or how hard it gets. We trust our potential and fight to realize our dreams.

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